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       Let me tell you a story about pure and inocennt kiss, that revealed his deadly secret. Story is based on real events. Sweet and simple. A girl, - she came to dance that night, just dance and enjoy the warm movement of her body... A man - he was amazed by her dance and suggest they should come to his place that night. Story is getting more simpler - as she refused. All they did was just dancing together and kissing... yes he kissed her neck...He really enjoyed that...
       She wasnt an easy girl - never go down on her first date - that illusion of virginity and 'first-date self-fidelity' save her life that night. Why such a sudden change of deadly wind upon her faith? 
It all begin when she woke up in the morning after the night she had met the stranger. As usual she came up towards the mirror to look deep into her sad eyes and cheer herself up with some early morning coffee and cigarette. But it was that moment she realized -  nothing would be the same - not today...
       She notice on her neck a strange redness, it wasnt a simple 'after saturday night 'kiss-blush' , it was something else...something more serious. Yes she was a wise girl - probably more scared in that case - and went to see a doctor. Not one but few. Consilium lasted long enough to make a verdict, a deadly verdict.
Not only it wasnt a 'after saturday kiss-blush' on her neck, but it even wasnt any other rush - that could have been easly diagnosed. As days had passed doctors carry out lots of research and test for her 'strange neck rush'. Finally they made a virological and bacteriological diagnosis. Strange rush had occurred to be caused by something doctors named as a 'death venom'. That mysteroius venom, or you could call  it bacteria, it is caused by death, or in another words by decaying corpse. When bodies are dead, they get to illuminate that toxic substance, it could also appear with any contact with dead body. The very big conclusion for our friends rush, seems to be clear now. That night when she met this guy, she hadnt got a clue she was meeting a 100% necrophiliac! 
     Investigation was due to process and it occurred that the man was having two dead bodies in his house. Two dead girl bodies - to be more specified...
The whole event took place in Kraków at Prozac club ;)

What should I say - I guess always depend your 'first-date self-fidelity' even if it might be just an illusion of virginity...



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